If you're experiencing issues installing the MineMojo app (or any other mobile app) on your Android device, it's most likely due to an antivirus software accidentally flagging the app as malware. Many antivirus programs are known to flag all bitcoin mining apps as malware because miners can sometimes be installed and opened in the background without the user knowing they even installed a miner in the first place. MineMojo does not run in the background and it is intended to be a bitcoin miner, so you will just have to whitelist the MineMojo app or mining scripts to allow the installation to continue.

A well-known false positive issue is with "Google Play Protect" - the default built-in antivirus that automatically scans and removes apps it deems to be malware. When installing MineMojo, the installer may simply fail with the error message "App not installed." - this is due to Google Play Protect blocking the app from installing. Sometimes the installer will work, but when you try to open the app you will see an alert saying MineMojo is a virus. (pictured below)

The notification claims MineMojo "can damage your device, add hidden charges to your mobile bill or steal your personal information" - this is simply not true, since MineMojo doesn't even have access to high-level permissions such as personal data, device settings and phone call/text management.

In the end, it is your decision whether or not you wish to install and run the app on your personal devices, however we do not include malware of any kind in our apps and have even uploaded the APK to virustotal (an online service that scans files with the leading antivirus companies) and only 1 of the 60 antivirus scanners said the app was potentially unwanted, most likely due to the crypto miner script. You can view the full results by clicking here.

If you are unable to install the app because of Google Play protect, follow the guide below:

Usually you will just be able to select "details" in the Play Protect popup while installing and click the text that says "Install anyway" or something similar. If you are unable to do this or a popup box does not appear, follow these steps.

Step 1: Open the Google Play store and navigate to the Play Protect settings from the menu on the left-hand side

Step 2: Disable "Scan device for security threats" - Play Protect is well known for false positives anyway so this shouldn't be an issue.

Step 3: Try reinstalling MineMojo (or any other app you had trouble installing) and it should work fine!